Before the Departure

[17:50] Hair ready for exchange. It took up to 3 people to dye my hair: one holding the substance, second actually dying and third rinsing my face off the extra dye 😅 but the result looks good doesn’t it? I hope my hair has grown at least a bit after this experience

Today I still have to continue on my list of things to bring with me. With a list it is easy to follow what I have and what I still need, and above all, it keeps my mind healthy as I tend to be a kind of person who forgets everything. 

What I was really surprised about was that I do not need any kind of extra document nor a negative corona test result to pass German border, because my flight leaves straight off Oulu having only an intermediate landing in Helsinki. But that is completely okay for me, because even though all teaching will happen online and only groceries are open first few weeks would anyway be mainly sightseeing and getting to know my room and class mates.

My friend did his Erasmus student exchange also in Ulm and lived in the same address that I will be accommodating so maybe I can ask him for his Ulm friends’ to show me around and how things work in the flat. And fortunately my brother still lives only 3 hours away in the same Bundesland, Baden-Württemberg.

Well isn’t it lovely ❤️ my hair smells all girly now 🤣

Still a bit nervous whether my change for student benefits -application will be accepted or not, because I really need that support money for rent.

And it has come 🥳 Now there’s only packing these luggage.

Sylvi is a German Wirehaired Pointer and would surely want to accompany me to Germany… But is the luggage still too small? 🤔

Almost all packed but I still have to weigh everything tomorrow, and if it exceeds 35 kilos, well… shieeet!

Finally on board after some difficulties. I had checked the weight limit wrong so I had to quickly remove some items and give them to my girlfriend for her to take back home. All sweaty now but at least I made it 😅

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  1. Ihana toi sun ”LOVE” kuva aurinkolaseissa. Tulee mieleen omat hippiajat 70-luvun alussa. Progemusaa ja rakkautta kaikkia ja kaikkea kohtaan.

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