Cycling and drinking

Trying to sleep… Can’t get any…. The thought of not having been updating my marvellous blog is driving me crazy! So here I am at 0:40 AM ready to start my fingers drumming…🥁

…. If only I knew where to start 😑

There has indeed happened a lot. Well this week I’ve mainly laid on my bed and stayed inside as I happened to catch a flu and also all my courses have now begun so I will be having less time on my hands. Oh and there’s also a secret on which I’ve been working reeeally hard, so stay tuned for it 🤗 But now, a blog post, finally! Woohoo! 🥳🥳

Topmost on my mind is this really funny drinking game we played. It is basically Kimble with shots, and if you “eat” someone, they have to empty their shot glass. There were quite a many shots fired so to speak 🤭

Like half of these spirits were actually good. Imagine “minttuviina” but freshier.

Only the next morning was NOT so funny, as I tend to get a mental hangover on top of the physical one 🤢 And the worst thing for me is I am actually not even able to… you know… “ease my well-being the fast way” or – even googled for this term – “do a technicolour yawn”.

And because one time wasn’t enough, there was another. This time, however, I forgot to take a picture of the spanish “card game”, which… also included drinking 💥🎉

To crown it all with my personal lockdown this week I can’t wait to hop back onto my bicycle now that I’m already starting to feel better. Now I mostly want fresh air, exercise and a healthier lifestyle in general. Almost a fortnight ago, when my brother was visiting me we visited a mysterious small town deeper in Bavaria. I can’t remember it’s name but it surely was a windy day. I’ll let the pictures talk.

This is still Ulm but I just love taking golden ratio pictures with trees.
Carlos on my right, my brother and Judith on my shoulder 🤭🤭

Then we even cycled to a farm 10 km away to get me a hand vacuum cleaner I saw being sold on ebay and also to have some brother-brother time as we see each other so rarely. 

Somehow this view reminds me of Finland…

One good project I’m satisfied with was locking all the accessories to my bike. Especially the pouches’ zippers as someone had earlier stolen some bicycle tools, but also that handsfree bicycle bar mobile mount, which I’ve come to find really handy. I always have directions in front of me, or I can even follow some lectures… 

But what if I run out of juice? No problem, I have a 20 Ah power bank locked inside one of these pouches 🤏

What courses have I chosen then? Well since not all the courses are being kept this semester due to this situation and one overlapping course, I’ve had to change my original study plan twice already. Mostly I am probably enjoying “the mandatory” German course, as I got to enroll in the highest level offered, which is B 1.2. Oh yes, there is this picture I asked Patryk to take of me after visiting bookstores for our German books:

This view is just amazing and the downriver of Danube to where I’m looking resembles me of Venice although I’ve never been there.

Other two interesting courses that I have high hopes for are “Sustainability and the Environment” and “Leadership and Business Management”. I’ve never imagined myself becoming a business executive or any kind of “leader” as I tend to get really tensed up if I have to perform or even present myself in front of a big group of associates. But that is actually exactly why I was hoping to take this course after all: I want to strengthen my deficiencies.

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