Frisbeegolf und Spätzle mit gebraten Zwiebel

Urban Ulm in the afternoon. Perfect time for blog writing before the agreed mountain bike trade. Yesterday an Ulm friend of mine came to pick me up for some frisbeegolf and chilling. We had to quickly visit her friends up a hill, but on the way there I noticed I had lost my gloves, or “hand shoes” as they say in German. They were still waiting beside an ATM, so I went to get them confirming to her later that I always lose something. Previous blog readers or those that are familiar with my habits are very well aware of this magical phenomenon about me. But as many have said, it has its benefits; when you lose something in someone’s apartment, you always have an excuse to come back.

Then we went to a disc golf place called Wiley in Neu-Ulm and met some friends of hers. It was quite windy out there but no wonder since it was an open area. From a certain viewpoint it somewhat resembles the main library and theater of Oulu, don’t you think?

Having never played disc golf before I found it quite a delightful sport without considering my little feet problem. Good way to get to know people and learn German. Judith I had only met a few times when she was doing her Erasmus in Oulu couple of years back, and had never met his Boyfriend Tobias. I think my throws improved a bit

Next we went to a giant Rewe shopping mall. This is no paid commercial, but the vegan selection there was surprisingly big. I was so hungry that I only wanted pizza and beer. At Judith and Tobias’ place they showed me how Weißbier is supposed to be poured into a real Weißbier glass. The result looked really good and as I tasted it, my face was similar to what it was when we visited a vegan restaurant in Tallinn last summer with Harri:

After eating my pizza for the worst hunger I still had some space to try the local area traditional food: Spätzel, which is basically self-made noodles with cheese and roasted onion. Simple but scrumptious composition, I must say. Spätzle is a Swabian diminutive of Spatz meaning “little sparrow”.

Our table party were discussing wheter the consistency of Spätzle should be little bits or long ribbons, which I’ve understood is a never ending debate. But everyone agreed that cheese belongs to it and it is at best enjoyed with some good wine – be it more or less expensive tasting – or beer and of course in a good company

I want to thank Judith and Tobias for all the hospitality, beer and skittles this evening. I am fortunate and thankful to have such wonderful friends here in Ulm 🙏 So far this has been the best day here 🤩

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