About TeeKu

About TeeKu

May I dare to draw your attention to another hobby of mine: singing. Yes! I’ve been a proud member of this “world’s best” finnish technical engineer student’s choir of University of Oulu, called “Oulun Teekkarikuoro TeeKu” or more familiarly TeeKu since 2016.

TeeKu is only a year younger than me being born in 1993, but in spite of it’s young age, we have already performed in and even hosted various events, including in every 3 years hosted 1000-people scandinavian singers summit, which was last held in Oulu in 2017. Due to corona the 2020 event was cancelled, sadly.

“Our wide repertoire includes, among others, traditional student and drinking songs, lyrically comical songs, and patriotic songs. Some claim that they have heard us sing even Christmas carols.” (more…)

For some sneak peek go ahead and take a look at these videos:

Wappu concert 2019

Kids songs concert 2019

Teeku 25 years 2018

Finland 100 celebration year concert with all the musical societys of university of Oulu

Nordic Student Singers Summit aka NSSS 2017 in Oulu

Do you happen to live in Oulu and are interested in a cappella singing? Or would you perhaps want us to perform in your graduation, celebration or even funeral? Wait no more: we are at your disposal! Okay this was some dark humour of mine, but you get gist. Visit our website.